Carter Goolsby, Lead Pastor
What brought me to MCC?
I've been on staff at MCC for  over 30 years and was initially attracted to the church because of the love and friendships I saw between members.

Brief description of my pastoral position.
As the lead pastor, one of my most sacred duties is leading our church family in growing together in full devotion to Christ. With the leaders of MCC, we are continually working to build a community where people love one another, celebrate one another, know one another, and serve one another, all according to the teachings and example of Jesus. Part of this effort is also driven by our efforts to work with you in establishing ministries that are meeting the relevent needs of both our church and our community.
But we know that life this side of eternity isn't just about our needs, although they are certainly important to God.  He longs to find children who are impassioned for worshipping Him and nuturing a loving relationship with Him!  You'll find our church calendar filled with times of corporate gatherings, relying on the presence of the Holy Spirit, that are filled with worship, prayer, and teaching that brings pleasure to God's heart!
I also understand that part of my role is to lead our church beyond the "walls of our community."  We work very hard to avoid being a community that "cloisters" itself from the world in which we live. Our Heavenly Father wants to lead us into our community, helping them discover His love, the promise of eternal life, the purpose of a divine destiny, the loving acceptance of a spiritual family, the hope for healing all our hurts, the wisdom for life's most difficult decisions, the strength to endure life's hardships, the answers to our deepest questions...and so much more!
Join us as we grow together in full devotion to Jesus Christ...!

Where I grew up
I'm very much at home here in Mechanicsville, because I grew up only about 5 miles away. After attending the University of Virginia, I came back to this area and, after a short stint in construction, was offered a position at MCC.   I love Virginia.  I feel like it gives you the best of all worlds with the ocean and mountains, and nothing beats the seasonal changes we have here.

Personal Info:
There are 5 of us in the Goolsby clan: my wife, Judith, Alex, Rachel, Michael, and me. Our favorite family experience is traveling together.