Dee Edds, Facilities and Grounds Director
What brought me to MCC?
In 1985 I started dating my beautiful wife Patty and began attending MCC. I had grown up in a Baptist church and had never really experienced a service so alive until then.

Brief description of my office position.
I came to work at MCC in March of 2003 as Director of Operations. I manage the buildings, grounds and infrastructure of the MCC complex. God has blessed the MCC body with a beautiful place to worship and blessed me with the responsibility for it's care as the "lead steward". God lead me to this position to take full advantage of His spiritual gifts as a Giver and Server. My responsibilities are very diverse. One minute I may be fixing a toilet, the next minute setting up a computer and later pointing out problems to an electrician. My days are never boring.

Where I grew up:
I feel like a Richmond native even though I was born in Charleston, W.Va. We moved to the Richmond area when I was about the age of two. My family lived south of the river in the Huguenot High School area until I was a senior and then moved north of the river to the Glen Allen area of Henrico county. 

Personal Info:
My wife Patty and I were married on 4/5/1986. We have five children between us. Three (Kevin, Mandy and Andy) from my previous marriage and two (Lori and Bryan) from her previous marriage.  Our children have so far blessed us with ten grandchildren.