Our goal at the Resource Connection is to help equip churches to work with their community families by providing links, resources and outreach to children and adults with disabilities and their families.

In every congregation of 600 members you should know these secrets...
  • 1 in 5 families will be affected by disability (120 families)
  • 1 in 166 children will be affected by autism before the age of three
  • 18 families will have a family member with mental retardation
  • 1 individual will be affected by mental retardation
  • Only 5% of religious leaders worldwide provide outreach to the disabled in their congregations.
In the state of Virginia, disabilities currently affect 1,122,000 children and adolescents with varying degrees of mental retardation and serious emotional disturbances. These numbers do not reflect children with autism, attention deficit, learning or communication disorders.
"I will instruct you in the way which you should go:
I will counsel you with My eye upon you."

Psalm 4:13

TRC provides resources, support, and information:

TRC provides ongoing outreach for families, professionals, and church communities. We help identify, inform, educate and support children, families and individuals with special needs.

TRC assists churches, communities and professionals build a base of information to assist families and individuals with special needs so they can make informed decisions concerning needs and options.

TRC advocates for a family centered, community based, culturally competent, comprehensive and coordinated system of care.

TRC strengthens partnerships that enable families, their children and youth with special needs, to receive training, technical assistance and resources.
TRC fosters family relationships.
"I have a strong desire in my heart to see beyond the disability and see the ability of all children and adults. It meant a great deal to have The Resource Connection work with our congregation to encourage all individuals to become part of a community and connect with much needed resources."
Tamara Altizer
Clover Hill Congregation

 "The Resource Connection is a lifeline. It is a ministry that embraces children and adults with disabilities and their families by providing understanding, compassion, and experience that helps them navigate through difficult waters. It is Christ looking in the faces of these little angels and saying, 'Come unto Me'"

Pastor Carter Goolsby
Mechanicsville Christian Center

The Resource Connection is a partnership that aims to improve positive outcomes for children /adults with disabilities.

TRC links the lives of families, congregations and community programs by working to provide comprehensive family centered and faith based outreach.

TRC assists in bringing about awareness and understanding of the needs and services of children and adults with disabilities. It further encourages the philosophy of "it takes a village to raise a child," believing that partnerships strengthen the outcomes of individual needs.


Joanna B. Frank
Founder/ Executive Director
Joanna Frank, Founder/Executive Director
Phone:804-746-4303 x 360