Codependency—The disease of control

Ladies, God expects us to practice self-control, not to take on the responsibility for others and try to control them too. We need to take responsibility for ourselves, our bodies, and our minds. And that means not letting that other person's behavior have too great an effect on us! When they see us responding in a different way to them, and to their behavior and addiction issues, they may begin to react differently as well. It is not an easy thing, and it is often not a quick thing, but little by little, bit by bit, you can move from being codependent to thinking and behaving independently through God’s Spirit!!!

We hope you’ll join us in the process to recovery ! 

Monday evenings, 7-8:30PM
Rooms 7 & 8

Inclement Weather Note:  Our group does not meet if Hanover schools are closed for inclement weather, etc

Krystal Johnston, Facilitator
Phone:(804) 366-9645