REM Volunteer and Donation Interest

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Have you previously volunteered for the Richmond Extreme Makeover*
On the day of the event, Jan. 28, 2023, will you be able to serve from 7:45 am - 5:30 pm?*
Due to the sensitivity of this ministry, completion of orientation & training is required to volunteer at this event. Are you able to attend the orientation on Sunday, January 8th, 12:45 - 3 PM? at Mechanicsville Christian Center?*
If you are unable to attend the mandatory orientation on Jan. 8th, are you able to attend the make-up session on Jan. 9th, Monday, 7 - 9 pm, at Mechanicsville Christian Center?*
Please select the top three stations/areas you are interested in serving.*
Since there are limited roles in the different areas, there are no guarantees for where you will be placed. There tends to be a wait-list to volunteer at specific stations. Your assignments will be finalized no later than Jan. 14, 2023. Thank you for your grace & flexibility!
Do you currently work or have worked in the past, with MCC youth, mccKids or MCC nursery?*
There is a tremendous amount of preparation work leading up to this event. Are you available to contribute a few hours during the day during the week Jan. 23 - 27?*
I commit to praying daily over the Richmond Extreme Makeover Mission. (check box)
I would love to contribute to this mission in other ways: